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Before you play this game, please note:

  • The only build available is for Windows systems.
  • This game is made for 2-Players on a single keyboard.
  • This is my first attempt at a game in Unity. 
  • There will be bugs.

I am learning how to use Unity, and so to get better you make things, right? I made this Pong clone as a way to get to learn a bit about Unity, it's physics, and how the engine works. This game is a result of what I have learned so far.

This game is free, and I am not accepting any donations from it. I am uploading this game here so I can share it with others, as well as keep a record of my progress of learning in gamedev.

 I may not update this game any time soon, but if I do I will upload any changes here. 

If you notice anything in this game, and know how I could fix it, please let me know in the comments and I will see if I can fix it. 


Pong Clone V1.0 32-bit.zip 12 MB

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